The Ideal Beer & Cheese Combos For Dad

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Dad’s love beer. And, dad’s love cheese. Most of all, dad’s love snacking. So why not give him the ultimate gift this Father’s day with a delicious cheese and beer combination platter for him to kick-back and enjoy. That’s why below we’ve put together a great combination check-list of the right beer and cheeses for dad to enjoy.

The Ideal Beer & Cheese Combos For Dad 1
  • Beer Washed Tomme: Are you looking for a unique flavor to add to your burger? This pungent cheese has been washed in a local Lancaster Brewing Co. milk stout beer. This combination is a delicious burger or with a slice of black bread with the crunch of red onion. For the best combination, try a Belgian-style ale.
  • Smoked Galen’s Good Old: This gouda style gets its flavor after it’s been marinated in distilled smoke for several days. It’s a wonderful cheese to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches. Mix it with applewood bacon and thinly sliced apples with a single malt Scotch whiskey or brown ale beer.
  • Pepper Jack:  If your dad likes Monterey Jack and a spicier flavor, he’ll enjoy the delicious taste of this Pepper Jack. It’s buttery flavor with spicy jalapenos for an extra kick. It’s perfect with burgers, quesadillas, jalapeno peppers, grapes, olives, and more! With how creamy this cheese is, it can be paired with multiple flavors. The best thing to remember is to match the strength of the beer with the cheese’s strength.
  • Gift Card: Is it kind of hard to shop for your dad? Let him choose himself! At Farm Fromage, we have many different kinds of cheese and flavors for any palette. It would be hard not to find one you love!