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Raw vs. Pasteurized Milk Cheese: Which Tastes Better?

There has been substantial debate on whether using raw milk results in better tasting cheese. Does it give the cheese more flavor, or is it just a ploy?

Unpasteurized milk needs to be handled a little differently during the cheese-making process, but the refined taste buds of a cheese fanatic argue that using raw milk gives the cheese a richer flavor. The flavor ultimately comes down to personal taste. Here we have broken down the differences between pasteurized and unpasteurized milk for clarity.

What is the difference between pasteurized and unpasteurized?

Pasteurization happens when raw milk is heated to 162℉ and held for 15 seconds to kill bacteria, both good and bad. Pasteurized milk is dead. The cheesemaker starts with a “blank canvass” that allows the same result repeatedly, like a mass production line.

Raw vs. Pasteurized Milk Cheese: Which Tastes Better? 1
Raw vs. Pasteurized Milk Cheese: Which Tastes Better? 2

Raw milk cheese is alive with flavor. The cheesemaker is an artist, painting a far more vibrant picture! Raw milk cheese must be aged a minimum of 60 days to be legal for sale in the US. The aging process allows much more flavor to come through on the palate, like a slow-roasted piece of meat, low and slow is the way to go when flavor is the goal! Our handmade artisan cheeses keep you and your family away from the highly processed commodity cheeses available in big box and chain grocery stores.

Where can you get raw milk cheese?

We at Farm Fromage sell a variety of raw cow and goat milk cheeses. We take pride in our handmade artisan cheese. Take a bite and taste the difference. Check out the wonderful raw milk cheeses in our online store!

Raw vs. Pasteurized Milk Cheese: Which Tastes Better? 3

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