Farm Fromage Royer Mountain (8oz)


Royer Mountain is made at Clover Creek Cheese Cellars. When the Rice family contemplated the proper name for an Alpine style cheese, mountains and travel first came to their thoughts. To get anywhere from their farm they cross at least one mountain. One they traverse often is Royer Mountain, the name for this cellar-aged cheese. The mountains are nothing like the Alps, neither is the cheese like any other. Closely watching the temperature and turning the cheese weekly brings a flavor that is full of zest and mountain breezes blowing through the fresh green pastures. The aging process gives this cheese an Italian twist with a Romano flavor, so perhaps it is the Italian Alps? We love the sharp and yet smooth texture of this cheese. Put it on a cheese and chartcuterie board or use wherever Italian grating cheese is called for.

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Weight 3 lbs
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Raw Cow




Natural Rind