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Creating The Perfect Gourmet Cheese Plate

Are you looking for the perfect snack for your party? A gourmet cheese platter is the perfect addition to any party spread! A cheese platter gives people a variety to choose from including old favorites, and newer, more adventurous flavors. The big question is what to put on the tray? You want a few delicious kinds of cheese to choose from, but what else should you pair with your options? How should it be presented? Continue reading to see how to create the perfect cheese platter.

Creating The Perfect Gourmet Cheese Plate 1

What Type of Cheese to Choose?

For a good cheese plate, it’s best to have 3 to 6 varieties of cheese. It’s not overwhelming to the senses, but it gives the party-goers different textures and flavors to experience.

What to Serve It On?

There’s no rule on how to serve the cheese on. Nothing will taint the flavor of the cheese so you can be creative with the plating. Don’t forget a way to cut it if it’s not already in slices or cubes.

How Should It Look?

Make the cheese the focus of the dish. Arrange the cheese on the plate or platter first and fill out the leftover space with fruit or other garnishes. To take it a step further, you can arrange it from the mildest to the strongest, so people know what they’re getting.

Creating The Perfect Gourmet Cheese Plate 2

What to Pair With Your Cheese?

● Fresh fruits and cheese always make a perfect pair. You can go with a crisp apple, delicious grapes, or even some fruit jams that can enhance the flavor of the cheese.

Creating The Perfect Gourmet Cheese Plate 3
Creating The Perfect Gourmet Cheese Plate 4

● Cheese paired with meats makes a hearty snack or a meal. Go with deli meats like turkey or ham. Prosciutto, salami, and other hearty meats are perfect with cheese.

● You’ll often find crackers or bread served with a selection of cheese. There isn’t a specific cracker to choose from, but it adds a nice texture to some cheese. Crackers bring together the whole cheese platter.

Creating The Perfect Gourmet Cheese Plate 6

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