Elevating Your Springtime Cheese Board

springtime cheese board

Spice up your springtime cheeseboard with the freshest cheeses from Farm Fromage. Did you know that cheese is technically a seasonal product? These are the types of cheeses you won’t want to miss!

Creamy Springtime Cheeses

A great way to start off your cheese board is with a fresh, start of the season, creamy cheese like a Havarti or Camembert. When cows and goats are set to graze and calfing season is upon us, the new diet and lactation cycles of the animals alter the flavor of the milk and eventually the cheese. Local, artisan cheeses will have an extra fluffy, pillow like texture and a fresh springtime flavor that tastes great with some chives and on fresh bread. We recommend our Angela’s Pillow Camembert cheese. It tastes like a stick of fresh country butter on a sunny spring day in a grassy meadow, under a tree next to a brook with birds and butterflies just in time for the season!

Pairing Sharp Cheeses

While not exactly a springtime cheese, a sharp or full bodied cheddar like our Farm Fromage Paradise or our Farm Fromage Sharp Cheddar cheeses pair wonderfully with seasonal ingredients on a cheese board. For wine, we recommend a dry Cabernet Sauvignon. If it’s a nice, cool spring morning use an older wine to mix a sangria and have a great accompaniment to your cheddar. On your cheese board we also recommend a pairing with low-sodium crackers, sweeter meats, and morel mushrooms along with olives, pears, dried apricots, and grapes!

A Gouda Pairing

Gouda is one of the oldest types of cheeses out there and comes with many different flavor hints depending on the aging and the milk. That being said, the sweet and mild, nutty flavor is often a constant. This is the perfect summer cheese, pairing well with fresh springtime fruit and fruit-based sauces like peaches and cherries, ad mango chutney. Not only does gouda pair well with lighter white wines and sweeter reds, but it also goes great with a lighter beer like a summer shandy or a springtime brew! For a great gouda-style choice we recommend the Farm Fromage Galen’s Good Old made by he Rice family, of Clover Creek Cheese Cellars, based on the famous cheese from Amsterdam! Once you taste it, you’ll know what great farmstead cheese tastes like. Its smooth texture and great taste combine to please any palate.

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