Cheese Trends of 2022

Cheese Trends of 2022

The pandemic has changed many consumer habits, shaking up the market in many different industries and the food and beverage industry has been especially affected - cheeses included.

Functional Foods

The market for ‘healthy’ immunity boosting food has been growing for a while, but during the pandemic demand has

skyrocketed. Functional foods relate to foods with ingredients that claim to benefit your health. From gut health with probiotics and fermented foods to foods high in nutrients like vitamin C, certain ingredients and foods like kimchi and ingredients like turmeric, honey, and ginger have become high in demand.

This translates well to specialty cheesemakers. Cheese has become such a versatile medium with health benefits that aged and expertly made cheeses can find kinship in this category. Local made cheeses with nutty tones and additives like the Farm Fromage Bruschedda or Monterey Bleu contain healthy cultures and aged ingredients that’ll help boost your health!


Shopping Local

Supply chain woes and small businesses have been causing more than inconvenience to producers and consumers alike. Shopping small and shopping local is a great way to curb shipping time while putting money into your local community. By purchasing from small food and beverage vendors for you and your family, you’ll be helping a family buy groceries or keeping a small dairy farm in business that had been previously struggling.

As the world returns to normal and families got to enjoy their holidays together, keep quality foods and ingredients at home. Sometimes all It takes to enjoy good company is a great glass of wine and a charcuterie board full of fresh cheeses, fruits, nuts, and meats!

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