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There are many excellent cheese makers in Pennsylvania. They make cheeses in small batches on the farm from cow, goat and sheep’s milk. The making of cheese has been born by the necessity of getting added value for the hard-earned milk. Our small family dairy farms cannot survive by selling milk alone. Our cheese makers and dairy farmers are busy working and do not have the time to distribute their fine crafted cheeses.

Enter Farm Fromage...

We take the wholesome goodness that is artisan cheese and distribute it in many ways.. Our cheeses are sold online as well as at arts and crafts fairs and wine events. The cheeses are also available at various specialty shops.

About 2

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About 2

Try For Yourself

Create the perfect cheese plate with our variety of one-of-a-kind cheeses. With our delicious assortment, you’re sure to find something for everyone to love.

About 2

Meet the field family

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Angela & Howard

About 2
  • Fell in love with the process of cheese making
  • After losing his job of 35 years, he decided to create the company
  • Made friends with local top cheese farmers to help them sell their cheeses

Our Passion...

  • Family-owned business for 9 Years
  • Mission is to help small family dairies who can't make it on the small milk "checks"
  • Only sell Pennsylvania cheeses from 15 family farms
  • 25 world class cheeses
About 2