Hi! Welcome to the Farm Fromage blog.  We’re so glad you found us and hope that if you haven’t already, you’ll try our delicious selections from the farm soon.

If you’re anything like us, you appreciate great food, and take great comfort in knowing where it came from.  There’s nothing like local food fresh from the farm to tantalize your taste buds.  We hope you will enjoy all Farm Fromage has to offer and that we become synonymous with “cheese” at your house.

You might be wondering where we’ve been all your life, or where we came from, so we decided to dedicate our first post to giving you a little introduction and background:

Howard - Cheese Talk

Our fearless leader, Howard, has lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for almost 24 years.  He and his wife, Angela, are empty nesters, since their four daughters left for college and beyond.  Howard has always been passionate about cooking, and enjoys studying the history behind cultures and their cooking styles.  His daughters’ travels to China and Japan have led him to discover the joys of sushi making and true Chinese cooking.

One snowy Sunday in February, Howard read an article on homemade cheese and was hooked.  He started making basic fresh cheese from pasteurized cow’s milk which was closely followed by goat milk chevre.  Early success lead to more exotic hard cheeses made of raw Jersey cow milk.  One sunny spring morning, as Howard took his grandson to see animals, his daughter pointed out a small sign offering goat’s milk for sale.  He made a mental note and returned to the farm three days later to buy some goat milk.

To make a long story short, Howard returned to the dairy many times.  He enjoyed discussing all things cheese with the resident cheese maker.  Howard discovered that the cheese maker loved to make exceptional cheeses of all types, but  was really quite limited in the methods of distribution.  As fate would have it Howard was fired from his boring job and began to distribute the cheeses of little known farmsteads here in Lancaster County to shops and stores throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

Various CheesesOur company, FARM FROMAGE, is dedicated to sharing the fresh local cheeses of Lancaster County and supporting sustainable small dairy farms.  We hope you will check back here often for upcoming events, recipes and news from the farm.

Passion for a hobby has led to a mission.