When we first started this venture, we spent our Wednesday nights at the Millersville Farmers’ Market, selling our cheeses.  The nice thing about farmers’ markets is the opportunity to meet a variety of people and chat with them about food.  After a few weeks at market, we noticed that one particular woman would come to us each week to buy blue cheese and would also buy fresh figs from our neighbor’s stand.  Most people agree that figs and blue cheese go together famously, so at first, we didn’t think anything of her purchases.

One week, Howard arrived early, and decided he too would like to buy some fresh figs from his neighbor.   A few minutes later, the woman who always bought the figs and blue cheese approached him.  She wanted to buy the figs from him that he had just purchased.   Howard let her buy half of his figs, and forgot about the transaction until this past October when he received an interesting phone call from the woman’s husband.

Emeril's Chop HouseAs it turns out, she is the wife of the head chef at Emeril’s Chop House in Bethlehem, PA.  Each week she would go to market to buy the figs and cheese for the restaurant.  As a result of this serendipitous meeting of fig and cheese lovers, our cave-aged blue cheese, Misty Lovely and Farm Fromage goat cheese now live happily ever after on the menu at Emeril’s Chop House.