Making cheese is a creative process in and of itself.  There are so many components that have to be just right in order to end up with the perfect end result.  Sure, there are lots of wonderful and delicious cheeses in the world, but here at Farm Fromage, we are always on the lookout for local, interesting new cheeses.  One of our cheesemakers, Amos, is passionate not only about making consistently delicious cheeses, but also learning to create new ones.  There’s a lot of trial and error that goes into cheese-making, but when the cheese is right, it’s right!

Misty LovelyMisty Lovely is one of our most popular cheeses.   The story behind it highlights the cheese-making process and how the end result is not always what was in mind at the beginning.  Once upon a time, the cheese-maker Amos, set out to make a feta cheese from his goats’ milk.  He made the cheese and set it to age for 60 days.  At the end of the aging process, Amos sampled his product and was not in love with the feta he had created.    He consulted Howard, and asked him to taste it as well.   They agreed that it started like a feta, but finished like a cheddar.  They were perplexed.  What could they do with this feta-cheddar?

They knew the cheese tasted good, but it didn’t taste like what they expected.  They asked Bill, at the Clocktower Cheese Shoppe in Gap, PA, to try it.  Bill sniffed it, pulled the curds apart and tasted it.  He did a happy dance and declared it “lovely”.  And so a cheese was named.

Today, Misty Lovely is one of our customers’ favorite cheeses.  It will be highlighted by Fair Food Philly at their marquee fundraiser, the Brewer’s Plate, this Sunday, March 13th.  For more information about this event, visit Fair Food’s website.